I’m a sucker for a good book. I love reading it must be one of my favorite hobbies. Especially since I (re)started to commute I find books a great train entertainment. Besides the advantages of keeping me awake, stopping me from missing my stop. Back in Portugal I used to read a lot! However, since I moved to England reading become more of task rather than a hobby. I believe this was due to the routine change. I became more lazy and the lack of sun definitely didn’t help!
But now I’m commuting, just like I used to back home, I have a regular timetable and set of activities that keep me motivated to do more – but I’ll go into that in a different post. When I started to read again I was reading a lot of English books. Mostly because they helped me improve my written English for university projects and essays. But I noticed how my Portuguese was getting worst by the day.
I’m a true believer that books are the best teaching tools. Therefore, I decided to start reading a book that I had in my shelf for a very long time: Pet Sematary. This book is a classic by Stephen King. I love all things horror and creepy so I thought it was time to read this book.
Without spoiling it: the book is focused on the Creeds family. It starts when the father gets a new job in Maine and the family has to move there into an old house in rural Maine. The book starts by describing the new life and how the family has to adapt to this new lifestyle. This family is perfect. Everything works out perfectly well, the husband is smart and successful, the wife beautiful and caring. They have two children, an adorable (and very curious) little girl and a young toddler boy. They even have a pet cat, whom the daughter loves to death.
However, they soon realize that their new house’s location might not be as ideal as they first thought. As one day their neighbor takes them to the near forests that leads right to the”Pet Sematary”. The cemetery had been built by the neighborhood kids over the years. (Reason for the name to be misspelled – I find this a very cute detail) They began to build the cemetery as many of their pets had died in the main road due to the massive trucks that go by there everyday.
After their visit you get the sense that the father and daughter love this idea and find it innocently adorable. The mom on the other hand doesn’t like the idea of welcoming the concept of death in the house. From then on the book explores the darkness of the mind.
I won’t say much more about the story line as I don’t want to spoil it for you. But I definitely recommend this book. I didn’t particularly find it easy read – in fact it took me much longer than books usually do. I believe it might be due to the book being in Portuguese – which, sadly, I’m already so unused too. That small factor aside I found this story quite compelling, you can definitely say Stephen King is the king of suspense. The writing style in this book keeps you edge and wanting more in all the right places. I swear I never read so fast when I reached the action parts. Even though the first half of the book is quite a slow setting of the characters and vibe. I could have definitely done with a bit more creepiness and horror in the beginning of the book as I found the most exciting part of the book. And it was mostly focused at the end of the book. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the book.
Have you read Pet Sematary? Do you enjoy horror books?
Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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