A few weekends ago I went for a quick weekend getaway in Seaford. Even if you are from the UK or have been living here for a while you probably haven’t heard of this very small town with a population of 27,000. Seaford is a coastal town in East Sussex, it is very close to Brighton and about a 2 hour drive from Southampton.
I had never heard of this town until I decided on this unplanned trip. I had, however, heard of the Seven Sister Cliffs and that is how I decided on the location. I knew I wanted to go away. I had been feeling tired and quite down from office work and lazy weekends. So my friend and I picked this random place – close enough for a drive, but far enough to get away from our current lives.
We drove down after lunch on Friday for our weekend getaway arriving near Seaford around 4pm we make a quick stop. Accidentally, we discover a historical landmark – Tide Mills.
Tide Mills is a derelict village abandoned in 1939 and located about 4 km from Seaford. The village consisted of a large tide mill and numerous workers’ cottages, housing about 100 workers. In 1900 the mill was stopped and later, in 1936, the village was considered unfit for habitation. After it being completely abandoned there were rumours it had been cleared to be used for street fighting training and give fields of fire. During Second World War it accommodated the Canadian troops.
As a curiosity fact you can find the Tide Mills represented on 2007’s “A Kind of Vanishing” novel.
As we explored the Tide Mills we came closer and closer to the beach. We got there close to the sunset. The lighting was stunning, the ocean calm, and the whole scene peaceful. We then, carried on our car journey towards Seaford, arriving in less than 20 minutes (even with traffic). We stayed at the cutets Airbnb, it was shared but the couple that owns the flat are super lovely and welcoming. If you are planning on visiting Seaford and only need one bedroom consider them, the house was tidy and so cosy. You can check their place here.
That evening we went for dinner at a local pub, The Old Plough. The pub had a very interesting decor but it was lovely, the food was good and just what we needed after a long drive.
The next day we aimed to walk on the cliffs. Quick tip make sure to layer up! We were very lucky with the blue skies but it was February and very cold, and up on the cliffs very very windy. But the view was breathtaking. The green paths, the sea and the white chalk cliffs were just relaxing. We walked all the way up to the lighthouse. We then turned back and went to the chalky beach. Jumped around on the rocks and the water. For lunch we ate at the national trust cafe located near the beach.
On our way back we stopped in Brighton for lunch, and a quick vegan treat. We had falafel pitas from and Fil Fil a scoop of peanut butter vegan ice cream from Boho Gelato. We then explore the lanes, the pier and the beach. It was a great weekend and safe to say that by the time we head back home we were ready for a nap.


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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