On the last bank holiday weekend of May, I went with the Southampton Climbing Club to Gower for a climbing weekend. This was my first ‘big’ climbing trip and first time in Gower. It seemed at first as the weather was going to be horrible, the traffic there was ridiculous and I was terrefied of trad. But I must say I wasn’t disappointed. The weather cleared out, I met amazing people and had loads of fun climbing.

We left after work on Friday and arrived at the campsite around 10pm. We stayed at the Nicholaston Farm, a lovely campsite with great facilities – I highly recommend. The location was perfect as it was just a short walk to the beach (and the crags) and everyone was super lovely.


On Saturday, we headed down to the beach without great plans just with the intention of wandering around. We first climbed Little Tor and then wondered a bit deeper on the beach to meet the group at Three Cliffs Bay. If you are a beginner, like me, Little Tor has great routes you can try. As the tide started to get closer we began to head back to camp for a relaxing afternoon. We then prepped everything for a BBQ at the beach – which if it hadn’t been for the wind would have been perfect.

Sunday, we drove a little, about 10 min, bit further to Rhossili Bay for some sport. The beach there was unbelievable and it is such a great spot for hikes. After locating the sport crag and a smaller group from the club we decided to stay there for the rest of the day. It was just beautiful, we managed to fit in the most climbs possible with an amazing view.

After the climbs, we headed down to the beach for a quick swim, or to just dip our feet in the ocean. We stayed there hearing about everyone’s adventures from the day and then headed to the pub for some food and beer. We then walked on the cliffs to see the most beautiful sunset.


Monday, our final day, we packed everything and headed down to Little Tour again. It was a great morning. I went for a walk on the beach and then seconded a route – clearing out my first ever route. Sadly it was time to say goodbye and start driving as we had to return to real life on Tuesday.


I cannot wait for next year!

Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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