The cocktail week has arrived in Southampton. From the 16th until 22nd July Southampton has a chance to celebrate spirits and cocktails at its most popular venues.

With over 10 venues hosting speciality cocktails and events it was hard to choose when to go. I decided Saturday was a great day to try some new drinks at Soton Cocktail Week.


I went down to Room2‘s Living room to try their Espresso Martini and I must say it was DE-LI-CI-OUS! Super yummy and flavourful. You can definitely taste the coffee with a nice vodka quick.


I then decided it was still too nice to be sitting outside and headed to The Pig in the Wall for my second drink. Their signature cocktail is a Gardener G&T with a list of different gins to choose from. I had a grapefruit and orange G&T and it was super refreshing. It was suggested to me by the bartender and I must admit it was a great choice. I managed to grab the last table outside and it was just the perfect environment.



Find out more about Soton Cocktail Week here, get your discounted bracelets from the LoyalFree app and share your photos using #SotonCocktailWk.

Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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