Last Sunday I decided I needed some me time. So I woke up early and went to Seaside in the Square‘s Free Yoga class with the lovely Heather from Target Health Group. By the way, keep an eye out for my blog post about the Seaside in the Square. After the class, I grabbed breakfast from Costa and headed up to towards Bedford Place for their Summer Festival.

20180722_092125I had planned to go to Target Health Group‘s guided meditation trial, but unfortunately, I had missed the group. I still had a great chat with the teachers and one of her students selling the cutest prints outside. I obviously, bought two cute prints for my room.

I then wondered further into the festival, it was super cute and a great morning. All businesses from Bedford Place were out celebrating with live music. The little ones were also enjoying the petting zoo and face glitter, which was so adorable.

Hampshire’s Farmers’ market was there with great local produce. I got myself a strong Winchester Cheese, Cherries and a pie for lunch.

The festival was so much fun and a great way to bring the community together businesses and locals alike.

Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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