Happy Monday everyone!

One of my main struggles is to feel the inspiration and motivation to exercise. I always say “I’m going to go this week to the gym” or “I really need to work out” but then when it comes to it I lose the will to go. This just ends up being 100x worse in winter – as you can imagine. So here are a few tips (that I’ll be following myself) to try and keep fit this winter.

1. Buddy up

If your main struggle is getting to the gym, buddy up. Make plans with your friends to meet up there or even walk together. You’ll motivate each other and get a good workout session in. This is also a great way to learn new gym exercises!

2. Go to a dance class

I love dancing and going to classes. I always feel that it is the best way to work out. As if you go to a good class you’ll always come out sweaty but with a smile on your face! My favourites are Salsa and Contemporary. Very different styles, I know! But Salsa is so much fun to go with your partner or girlfriends. And a great dance to know for nights out. Contemporary on the other hand will be the best core workout you’ve done all week. Trust me. Besides you get to dance beautifully to your favourite songs. I guess I can’t choose…

3. Try winter sports

Or a new sport! I love trying new sports, it’s always so much fun. You get to meet new people and discover a new skill. If you live in Southampton, or nearby there are a few great sports centres with winter sports. Including Active Nation’s Alpine Sports centre where you can learn to ski, snowboard and more! Have you tried any new sports this year?


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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