Winter Outfits For Work

Hi everyone!

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite winter outfits for work. I used the app to put these together based on my style. Although, the garments aren’t exactly the same as the ones I own. I just wanted to put them together as inspiration and guides for this season. Quick disclaimer: I know I wear a lot of dark colours.

One of my favourite combos is chelsea boots, a nice top, big coat and black jeans. It’s super easy to put together and you are sure to be ready for any unexpected meetings. It is also a really casual and comfortable option if you don’t feel like dressing up. I love going to Zara for tops, and Stradivarius and River Island for jeans. My current favourite chelsea boots are from Office.

Another favourite of mine are these long patterned blazers. I got mine from H&M. They make any look feel professional. I am also loving the knee high boots with some tights and a mini skirt. I usually get my skirts from River Island or Zara they have a great fit.

This last outfit is not something I would wear everyday. It’s definitely an outfit for a big meeting or when you are feeling a bit fancier, a.k.a meeting friends after work for a drink. I love these mid/long skirts that are trending at the moment, paired with a plain top and heeled booties you are sorted for the office and drinks.

Hope you have enjoyed these quick winter outfits. Share below your go to outfit for work.


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