Hi everyone!

I love the wintery nights where I get home, put on my pyjamas and sit on the sofa watching TV. The problem is when these one-off, relaxing nights become the habit and all the sudden I haven’t seen another human being outside work (and my boyfriend) for over a month! I’m getting texts ” Are you alive?” and “Is everything ok?” and the truth is I struggle with the cold weather. My motivation goes right down! I’m unable to do much after work… It’s dark and cold outside, why would I want to leave the house!? But being indoors all the time by myself is really not healthy. Does anyone else struggle with winter blues? If you do I have set a few goals below that we can do together and beat winter!


I know, I know it’s hard to get up earlier to go to your 6AM class or crawl to the gym after work. But exercise is the best way to keep motivated. It will keep your endorphins going and it’s a great way to catch up with friends if you are going together. My best tip would be to book a fitness class that is on your way home / after work. This way you won’t have to struggle to get up from your comfy sofa in the evenings but still get the workout in!

Go outside

Being in nature is one of my favourite things to do. Getting fresh air, walking around and in winter there’s the fun of crunching leaves or jumping in puddles. You don’t have to go for a hike to get your motivation back, a simple breath of crisp air will do the trick.

Book classes

Similarly to exercise if you have any other hobbies you are struggling to get to, book a class. Whether it is painting, arts & crafts, music, writing… There’s a class on everything! And if there’s no class that interests you try finding a club. For example, a book club, if you are struggling to get through your books.

Make plans

I love being around people, going for gossip sessions or just hanging out with friends. But when it’s dark outside and 6PM feels like 12AM it is so easy to let the weeks go by without seeing anyone at all! Making plans, putting things down on paper, booking times in your diary, will not only ensure you see your friends but that you keep motivated.


Take it easy

With social media, you can easily feel the FOMO in the air or pressured to do a million different things. Quite honestly, it’s exhausting. This is my most important tip to give you. Just take it easy. If you don’t feel like pushing yourself because you had a long stressful day, don’t. Self-care is also productive and very important for your health.

Take care during this cold season.

Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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