Hello everyone, happy Monday!

We are now only 16 sleeps away from Christmas morning. If you are anything like me, you are still struggling for gift ideas. I have put together a few gift guides which I’ll be sharing throughout the next week. But today I wanted to share some of my favourite stores to shop in for gifts.

For my mum:

When I’m shopping for my mum there are two types of shops I always go to: beauty and decor. For decor shops I tend to rely on Next or Zara Home. Both these shops always have modern pieces and I know I can go for any of them and my mum will love them. When in Portugal I shop at Gato Preto – which is my mum’s favourite shop.

For beauty I prefer to go to department stores like Debenhams or John Lewis where I can find amazing quality skin care products or gorgeous perfumes. When in Portugal I go to Sephora, as it tends to have amazing brands there as well.

For my dad:

My dad is probably the easiest person to buy to. He always says, “Get me music and booze and I’m a happy man”. Every year, I give him a CD from one his favourite bands and bottle of liquor. Trust me giving someone exactly what they want, is most of the time, the better gift. Without going into complicated schemes to do this amazing surprise. The few days, I’m still home, after Christmas, I can always see my dad with the biggest smile on his face as he dances and sings along to his new CD and gives all his friends the liquor from them to try.

I tend to rely on Amazon to get him his CDs, as unfortunately there aren’t many record stores left in Southampton. For the liquor I go to a specialist shop or order it online.

If I’m in Portugal, I would go to Fnac for his CDs and again would try to find a specialist shop for the liquor.

For my brother:

My brother, however, loves a surprise. Which makes things trickier as he also loves to make “special requests”. But I know him very well, luckily, which means I know exactly which shops to go to when shopping for him. Main ones are Urban Outfitters, Waterstones and Lego Store. When I’m in Portugal I always go Fnac to get his gift.

For my boyfriend:

My boyfriend prefers gadgets or something outdoorsy and as I’m terrible at knowing either of those, I rely on the trusted people of reddit to tell me what is good. I usually tend to shop for him on Amazon or Go Outdoors.

For my grandmothers:

Now, for my grandmothers is easy they’ll love anything I gift them. But I still like to make sure it is something they will either find useful or lovely. I tend to go to Steamer trading Cookshop as both of them love cooking and baking. Or John Lewis for either a candle or a little ornament to add to their homes. If I’m shopping for them in Portugal I would go to El Corte Ingles.

For my friends:

Lastly, for my closest friends, I always try to gift them something special seeing as I don’t get to see majority of them on a daily basis. Depending on who I’m buying for I might go for a really nice accessory, home decor or fashion. I’ll either buy from local artisans or go to stores I know they shop at, like Zara, Parfois and Swarovski.

Hope this has helped you with your Christmas shopping or sparked some creativity.

I’ll see you back tomorrow for another #Blogmas post.


Posted by:Carolina Filipe