Hi everyone!

This year I have caught myself multiple times going for the environmentally friendly option rather than the easy option. And I believe so did most people. We are all becoming more aware of the impact or choices have to the world and environment. So with the holiday season just around corner, let’s not forget about our green choices. I have put together a list of quick tips you and I can use this Christmas and New Year’s to ensure we keep making the green choice.

1. Use brown paper to wrap your presents, or re-use pretty bags and boxes.

2. Don’t use plastic cutlery, plates or cups, if you don’t have enough you can borrow from a friend or rent them out.

3. Rent your Christmas tree or buy a long-lasting fake tree.

4. Go for fabric, wood or glass ornaments and decorations, that you’ll be able to re-use.

5. Buy your gifts from local artisans and craftsmen.

6. Try to reduce food waste by planning ahead for the big dinner. If you still have leftovers try and cook something out of them or freeze them.

7. If you send Christmas cards to everyone you ever met, consider re-evaluating your list. Perhaps send cards to only those you know will miss it and send everyone else an e-card. You can then donate the saved money to a charity of your choice.

I hope this has inspired you to make the green choice this Christmas. Comment below which of these tips you’ll be doing, or any other ones you might have!


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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