Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

It is 2020. I cannot believe it. This past decade has consisted of the most important decisions of my life so far, I went to school, moved to England, graduated from university, got my first jobs, met my boyfriend, moved into a flat with him, tried new sports, explored new places and learnt so much about myself! 

I must admit that I feel that the past couple of years have been truly defining in my self-discovery journey, I have tried so much, met so many people, found so many places. I discovered what makes me happy, made tough decisions and worked on my own flaws. 

Last year I created a straightforward – some might say traditional – resolutions list. I wanted to:

  • Read 6 books
  • Workout at least once per week (52) 
  • Learn to drive 
  • Don’t complain about meaningless things 
  • Keep a journal of 3 things a day I am thankful/grateful for 

However, as you may know, resolutions fail and I failed to complete these. I did start some, such as driving lessons, picked up some books, started the gratitude journal, went to the gym for a few months. But unfortunately, I didn’t complete any of them. 

In August, I came across the ‘Wheel of Life’ or ‘Wheel of Happiness’. I first heard of it on the ‘What we said podcast’. I wasn’t too sure what to expect of this and it did sound like a lot of bullsh*t, to be honest! But once I looked into it I thought I might as well give it a go. It basically consists of this wheel of 6 components, such as finances, personal growth, health, etc, which you rate from 0-10 to determine which areas of your life you should focus more or less energy on. You can either use the 6 fields pre-determined or select your own. These should be meaningful to you. After accessing each field you come up 3 immediate actions as part of your improvement plan. 

I did this in August and ended it up forgetting about it until late Ocotber. To which I thought – dear lord, that really didn’t work. But to be honest, it had been my fault! I’m not very good at falling through with actions, I love planning. But unless someone is holding me accountable for these actions it is tough for me to realise them. 

So I wrote these down and committed myself to every day reflect on what small steps I took to achieve the greater goal. This has been a great experience. Goals I had determined, that I thought were important to me, turned out to make me unhappy and others that I felt I would never be able to achieve were the first ones to be crossed off. 

With all this in mind, I re-evaluated the actions I had set for myself and re-wrote them for 2020. Upon reflection, the three areas I really would like to improve are; Personal Growth, Friendships and Family, and, Fun and recreation. These are my resolutions, based on the ‘Wheel of life’:

  • Sign up for a hobby and a weekly class
  • Commit to 2 activities per week
  • Read more books – ideally 6 this year
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Careless about what other people think of me
  • Put more effort in my current and new friendships
  • Make more plans with people I care about
  • Nourish meaningful friendships
  • Travel more
  • Go on more weekends away

I will not evaluate each of these for you as some of them are quite personal and sensitive to me. 

But for instance in Personal Growth, for a long time, I’ve been neglecting what makes me happy. With Friendships and Family, I do struggle with keeping up with friends and family. With Fun and Recreation, I realised that in 2018 I travelled so much, was outdoors most weekends and I was so happy. Last year I didn’t get to do it as much so this year I’m going to try and make it my priority to be outside as much as I can. 

With all that, I just wanted to leave you with some advice to achieve your resolutions for 2020:

  • Be realistic
  • Hold yourself accountable for achieving these goals
  • Don’t be afraid to try new tools 

Hope you all have a really happy and fulfilled year.


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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