Hello everyone! 

Hope you are having a great day today, and a fab start to your week. I must admit this week is a rollercoaster. Heading back to work on Monday was odd and felt alien until I sat at my desk and then it felt as if I hadn’t been off for 3 weeks. Except that I felt calm, energised, happy and grateful to be there. To be honest I haven’t felt this way about work in a very long time. Even though, I’m still technically on probation, therefore, could feel stressed. It was an easy day back.

Enough, life updated. I might do a post later on a bit more about the different office environments I’ve experienced and my thoughts. But today I’m writing about the top 6 things I’ve learned in 2019. 

As mentioned in my previous post, 2019 was a big self-discovery year for me. I learned a lot about myself, friendships, happiness and peace. Below is a list of the lessons I’ve learned in the past year that I thought you might find useful. 

Work is not everything 

I wanted to put this lesson up here first because it was the toughest and the hardest lesson I had to learn last year. I’ve always been really ambitious. As soon as I graduated I was looking for a job. And then the next, and the next. All to grow higher in my career. In less than 2 years out of university, there was talk about me taking on a management position. How exciting right? Well, last year I also found myself falling down a rabbit hole of nothingness. I’m pretty sure I was on the front door of depression. I wasn’t seeing friends, reading, able to put effort into conversations, doing the sports I love. Nothingness. And this is when I had to learn that a career can’t be a primary goal. All these things that I’ve just mentioned are so, so, so much more important. Luckily, I pulled myself out of a toxic work environment into a learning environment. I have then, also learned you don’t need to be stressed 24/7 to be successful. 

A structure can help achieve creative goals

This one is about creating habits, routines and a structure to your life. Last year as I would spend evenings doing nothing. Lunchtimes doing nothing. Weekends doing nothing. I realised that a routine would’ve dragged me out of bed and helped me feel more motivated to do more things that I love. Like blogging, reading, climbing, hiking. 

Don’t overdo it

This is also a very important lesson that I had to learn. In today’s society, where it is so easy to compare and so easy to see how much other people are doing. It is also easy to overdo it. At the beginning of 2019, I tried juggling a super stressful job, that required a lot of extra hours, with a lot of activities as well. That led to complete exhaustion and not feeling able to do anything at all. My advice for this is to dial it back but to keep doing something.Β 

Don’t take everything so personally

I struggle a lot with caring too much about what other people think of me. This is terrible. If you read my ‘Hello 2020’ blog post you know that working on this is really important for me. Caring so much about other people can cause a lot of anxiety. I’ve recently come across this quote which I think really puts it into perspective: “Don’t take criticism, from someone you wouldn’t go for advice”.

Don’t be so naive 

With all these challenges I faced last year came naivety. I fell victim of my own trustworthiness. I learned that two chances are plenty, and neither people or situations need more than that to change. I learned that if I want to feel different, my life to be different I need to make the change instead of expecting and waiting for it to happen to me.  

Peace comes in many forms

Lastly peace. In 2019 I found how important it is to find peace in yourself. It really helps to lead an easier life with a clear mind. I did also learn that it is very different for everyone. For some, it may be a busy restaurant for others it may be meditation. For me is effortless happiness. 

Hope this has helped some of you with your goals for 2020 or thoughts for self-discovery. I’m so looking forward to discovering more about myself in 2020. What are some of the things you’ve learned in 2019?


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