Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well during the crazy times we are living in at the moment.

I wanted to quickly write down a life update as it has been a while since I last posted. My last few posts were also about going outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, pushing my climbing, … which is obviously something we’re not able to do anymore. So, I also wanted to give you some insight as to how that’s affecting me personally and how I’m coping with it.

Firstly, I want to address the situation. CoronaVirus is here, it’s serious and it’s affecting all of us in one way or another. It is not pretty. Long before it hit Europe my boyfriend and I had a suspicion it was coming to the UK and going to affect us. I had my worries and started feeling anxious about the whole situation once it hit Italy. I express these concerns with colleagues and friends but I felt, to be honest, quite dumb as most of them dismissed it as something not to worry about.

This situation has made me super anxious and on edge. It’s all everyone talks about, it’s all over the news and all over social media. I’m not here as a reminder, more to let you know that if you felt and are feeling anxious about this situation it is absolutely fine to feel this way.

I’ve been working from home now for a while and I did make a cheeky trip to the Peaks before the official lockdown. Now, don’t judge me. I went camping in the Peak District with my boyfriend to an empty field. We also did our best to select quiet crags, cooked all of our meals on-site with food we brought from home and stayed as far away as possible from other people. As soon as we heard about the lockdown we packed our things and drove straight home.

The reason why I’m telling you this is because of the importance the outdoors have for some of us. I’ve been avoiding going outside as much as possible and only go for a walk on the weekend to get some much needed Vitamin D. It’s been a struggle to be stuck inside my flat not being able to go climbing, hiking, swimming… It can feel daunting to have your life turned upside down like this.

So I’ve written down a few goals to keep me going during this time. Don’t get me wrong I do have days where all I do is put some cookies in the oven, lay on my couch and binge-watch “Brooklyn 99”. I want to be as transparent with you as possible, I do not do this every day but it is something I’m working towards.

1. Keep my routine

This is my first goal. You’ve probably heard it from all your favourite influencers already to keep a routine. Well, it isn’t always that easy. I’ve been working towards keeping my normal routine every morning. Trying to wake up at the same time, get dressed, do my skincare before work.

2. Exercise

At the beginning of the year, I was working towards being comfortable leading routes outdoors again. I haven’t done this since 2018! Madness if you ask me… Stress got over me and my head just wasn’t in it last year. So this year I really wanted to challenge myself to do it again. I was going to the climbing gym 3-4 times per week, doing extra workouts, leading indoors… But that is all gone now. So I’ve been implementing a daily workout routine. A mix of yoga and hardcore fitness to ensure I’m the best I can be for when I can be on a rock again.

3. Meditate

I’ve never, NEVER been able to keep a meditation routine. I’ve always given up after two or three days… But I’ve been meditating every day now for over a week and a half. I’m actually mentally feeling so much healthier. Which is insane. I don’t even know if I’m doing it right but I feel so peaceful when I do it. Like I inhale deep and dived under the sea, open my eyes and swan for as long as I could. Then came to the surface laid on my back and floated with the sea and the sun on my face…

4. Read

I’m terrible at keeping a good reading routine. I get distracted with social media, TV and as many other things as possible and end up never reading. During the lockdown, I don’t want to start watching more TV shows, follow more people on social, spend more hours on my phone. I want to build this routine to read every day and let a book take me to a different universe.

I hope this helps you in one way or another. I just want to leave you with a feeling of inspiration to take this time to listen to your soul and do all the things you always wanted to do but also to allow yourself to have lazy days and enjoy those too.


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

9 replies on “Lockdown, Goals + Life Update

  1. I miss going outside to wander around my community finding inspiration for my art. I also miss my boyfriend whom I haven’t seen for over a month now. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and reading your blog made me realise that we are all in this together. Thank you


    1. I was debating whether to share it or not but I feel there’s so much content out there of what everyone is doing and achieving but haven’t seen much on what people are feeling. Glad it helped you and to know I’m not alone in feeling this way. I definitely miss having a community around and being able to be with people. Thank you for your comment xx

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      1. You are welcome. I am a therapeutic art coach so I have had to turn my business around to online and also still carry on creating art for my ebay selling page. Thank you for replying to my comment too xx

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  2. I can also be terrible at keeping a routine, I’m exactly the same but during lockdown with my partner working from home I’ve managed to create and stick to a routine a lot better and it’s helping me a lot! Our goals for the lockdown are pretty much the same too haha. Hope you’re keeping well.


    1. That’s so good to hear! Glad you managed to find a routine that works for you. It is so important. I’m still struggling with mine but I’m sure I’ll get there. Thank you lovely I’m well. Hope you are keeping well too. xx


  3. We’ve been out each day to walk but I’m getting sick of the same route.

    I can’t wait to head to the peaks for a proper walk! Never thought I’d say that.

    Thanks for sharing x


    1. OMG same! Every day the same walk, which for us isn’t even a lap because that will take us to the main roads and I’ve been trying to avoid bumping into as many people as possible haha. Really can’t wait to be able to go on a longer walk! xx

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  4. I hope you can find the right balance at home to feel less anxious! I’ve been reading a lot of lockdown diaries and it helps me learning how others are coping, and what tips others have to feel better. Exercising has definitely helped me loads! Take care! x

    Julia x
    Last Post: How You Can Improve Your Self-Care Habits Daily + FREE Resources Designed To Help You | https://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.com/2020/04/heres-how-you-can-improve-your-self.html


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