Lockdown is very much still here, which unfortunately means the Early May Bank Holiday weekend will be spent at home. Usually, for a bank holiday, I would be now writing my detailed itinerary for a sunny weekend away. But with being on lockdown and unable to leave my house for more than the daily exercise walk I thought I would share with you my stay-at-home-cation itinerary for some inspiration. 

Friday, 8th May 

10 AM: Sleep in. 

Nothing feels better than to sleep in on my day off and have a lazy morning. I then plan to cook breakfast for me and my boyfriend and give the house a quick tidy up. 

11 AM: At home spa treats. 

Boil the kettle, chop the cucumber and dig out your favourite face mask – or at least that’s what I’ll be doing! A nice calming tea and a book will for a relaxing morning.

12 PM – sometime in the afternoon: 

I will probably be having quite a long lunch and then do some work for my blog and Youtube channel. You’ll find me in the office putting together to-do lists, editing videos and typing away. Since the lockdown started I’ve been taking advantage of the extra time to improve on my blog, writing and videos. 

Dinner and bedtime: Delicious dinner, a glass of gin and tonic and time for an early turn-in, followed by my skincare. 

Saturday, 9th May 

10 AM: Sleep in again – who would I be kidding if I said anything else. It is the weekend after all…

11 AM: Quick walk for the daily exercise. 

I’ve been finding that leaving the house and going on a walk as really helped me to reset my mood and motivation. 

12 PM – sometime in the afternoon: Time for lunch. 

I will probably be having quite a long lunch and spend some time with my boyfriend batteling out over a series of multiplayer competitive PS4 games. 

Mid to late afternoon: Watch some Netflix and do my nails. 

With salons closed, I am now doing my manicure again as I was at 13. Nothing keeps my focus from touching everything with fresh nail varnish like a good show. 

Evening: Stargazing. If the night is clear you’ll find me by the window looking at the stars.

Sunday, 10th May 

10 AM: Sleep in (again) and pancakes for breakfast with a home-made latte. 

11 AM – mid-afternoon: Call friends and family. 

Catching up with friends and family over Facetime is not quite the same as a coffee and cake in a cute café… but it is better than nothing. 

Mid-afternoon: Daily walk for fresh air and (hopefully) lots of sunshine. We’ve been visiting the local pond checking on the baby ducks and little turtles. 

Rest of the day: Play board games and video games with my boyfriend with some beers and pizza. To then get ready for sleep ahead of a busy 5-day-week!

What are your plans for the bank holiday weekend? Share them on the comments’ section. 


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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