Before the pandemic I had was in an amazing fitness place. Going to the bouldering gym most evenings and stretching at home on the other ones. This was probably the most active I’d been in years. But when everything closed down I struggled for motivation – which you can read all about it on my previous post here.  

As everyone did I started working out from home, started with coming up with my own exercises or doing similar fitness to what I used to do at the gym or workout classes. Quickly I hit the “what should I do next” wall. Even though the gyms have opened up again, I haven’t gone back because I’ve been trying to avoid mixing with loads of other people.  

So here are a few of my favourite free workouts that I find myself going back to every week. I have noticed massive progress when doing these and each of these amazing ladies has more accessible workouts and stretches for you to try!

What are your go-to workouts? 



Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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