During lockdown (and now quarantine) staying productive has been very challenging for me. I have struggled to find motivation and meet personal goals due to lack of energy and to be honest, I still do. But that’s okay. What I’ve come to learn with all the tips below is that: it’s okay to not feel motivated 100% of the time. As long as I don’t criticise myself and put myself down because of it. 

Pre-COVID I got a lot of energy from going to the bouldering gym, meeting up with friends, going shopping, travelling or having my brother over for dinner. However, not all of this is possible now or can be done in the same frequency as before whilst ensuring everyone is and feels safe. 

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the few things I found that help me to get the energy I need to be productive and motivated.

Move every day

Okay, so I know this is an obvious one, but it is something I have to remind myself of constantly. It’s so easy to skip the daily walk, or a few stretches or say you’ll work out ‘tomorrow’. 

Moving a little every day is so important. I realised this when I was low on motivation and energy and noticed I hadn’t gone for a walk in a couple of days or exercised at all that week. 

I do try to go for walks often. The fresh air gives me that boost of energy and the break from screens allows my brain to have space to think. But I found that going for the same walk every day quickly became dull and a task I tried to avoid.  

So now I try going on different routes or having a goal for my walk – picking up a coffee or something for dinner or even post office tasks. This really helps me to not avoid going outside which helps me keep motivated. 

For at-home workouts and exercise, I set myself days to exercise (usually 2-3 times per week). On those days I listen to my body and do what it feels right whether it is a HIIT session or some easy stretches before bed.  

Do meet up with someone 

I have been super conscious to not meet up with loads of people just because. That being said last year I was living in a house share, which meant I saw 4 other people every day which gave me the option of speaking to more people than just my boyfriend. Now it’s just the two of us, so, I have added my brother to our support bubble. This allows me to see him more often without the guilt of breaking rules. Just meeting up with him for catch-ups helps with mental health, keeping creative and another excuse to leave the house. 

Watch positive and productive content 

This is a bit of a random one but I do enjoy watching Youtube videos of people being positive and productive during this time. It helps me get inspiration and get excited to create my own content. Honestly, at this time you’ve got to get inspiration from wherever you can!

Have a healthy morning routine

I still struggle with this one and more often than not it is easier to just roll out of bed 5 minutes before work. But when I do this… I NEVER have a productive day – no surprise there. Instead, I’ve been trying to wake up 30 minutes before work, wash my face, brush teeth and do some quick stretches. 

When I do stick my morning routine, I do find that I have a more productive day as I’m also more energised throughout the day as my body isn’t fighting me. 

I hope this has helped you to get some tips or reminders that we are all struggling but small things make a difference. 


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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