One of my favourite weekend activities year-round is to go for walks in the forest. Whether it’s a short twenty-minute walk or to get lost for hours in the forest wandering and finding new paths. 

There are loads of routes we usually take but it’s safe to say we never stick to the same path. In fact, our favourite thing to go is to get off track and get close to the horses, rivers and strange trees. 

If you’ve never been to the New Forest before I recommend heading to Lyndhurst for a large open area perfect for a picnic before or after your walk. From there, you have many looping routes and a little river where you can take shelter from the heat if needed. Another favourite is Boulderwood for the deer sanctuary from there you can find many other routes and sitting areas for rest as well as the oldest tree in the forest. 

Here are some photos of my favourite moments in the forest. I highly recommend taking some wellies unless it’s been dry for over a week otherwise you are bound to step on some very muddy paths. 

Have you been to the New Forest?


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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