Happy Halloween everyone!

This year we really got into the celebrations with loads of activities. We went pumpkin picking at the start of the month and carved ours straight away, and went to Thorpe Park’s Fright nights for the first time for a scary time.

I vlogged our pumpkin picking day and carving session which you catch up here:

I didn’t vlog Thorpe Park because I really wanted to enjoy time with my family and not be distracted with the camera. But we had an amazing time. We went on all of their roller coasters, my favourite was probably Nemesis Inferno, as I definitely had the most fun on this one. The scariest one was Saw, it had so many unexpected drops which made me scream of fear.

We also stayed for Fright nights and the best section was without a doubt Creek Freaks: Unchained. We also did the Platform 15 maze but I wasn’t a big fan, it felt very low budget for what we paid and with low scare impact or real story to it. I would definitely visit Thorpe Park again for Fright nights and would probably arrive later to have more time in the dark and do a maze at night too for extra scary impact.

How did you celebrate Halloween this year?


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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