In today’s post, I’m introducing a brand new weekly post series in which I’ll be sharing my top tips and tricks. This series is aimed at bloggers, influencers, small businesses and young marketers. I’ll be answering FAQs and the basics of social media marketing, content creation as well as some handy cheatsheets and checklists. 

Here are the top free resources I use on a daily basis to create and manage my content. These are perfect if you are just starting out or have limited budgets and still want to create great and consistent content. 

  • Trello – This is the perfect tool for content management.  

With this tool, you’ll be able to create boards for your projects. I have one set up for my freelance work and one for my blog work. I also have a separate one for creative Instagram content ideas.  

Each board consists of unlimited lists. I use each of these as a step-by-step of actions to achieve my goals. On my blog work, I have a column for ideas, a to-do list, a doing list, a column of all the posts that need to edit, a column for the ones that need photos, the scheduled ones, the ones that need to be promoted and the ones that are done. 

I know it may sound like a lot but this way I can start with a braindump of ideas and move them along as I complete my blog posts.  

Trello also allows for extensions, most of the time I use the calendar to have a visual aid of when my content will be going live and how busy it will be on the blog that month. 

My last recommendation for Trello is to set up templates for your cards. In these, you can give yourself formating cues for the description (to ensure you always remember to add in certain key information), checklists for promoting your content and more. You can then use these templates for all of your cards. 

  • – My go-to resource for the latest social updates and trends.’s blog is brilliant. They always have the latest trends live on their website as well as the key updates for each platform. Giving you a heads-up every time Instagram changes. 

I recommend subscribing to their newsletter to get these updates directly to your inbox.

  • Grammarly – to ensure my content is written well. 

Grammarly is probably the most useful free tool out there. You can add in a plug into your chrome and it reviews your emails, messages, blog copy and even your tweets! 

If you are writing a long format post you can do it directly on its app and then paste it to Word. 

This is the last tool I highly recommending having if you don’t already. I might do a Google Analytics basics at some point in this series as there is so much to cover. 

Whether you are on WordPress or Blogger or a different platform entirely these stats provide aren’t usually accurate. The best and most accurate way to get your post views and visitor numbers is through Google Analytics. Which can also give you bounce rate, time on page and other specific metrics. 

That will be it for today’s post, I hope you have found this useful. I will be back next week with more content for this series. Let me know in the comments below of any questions you might want to be answered or what topic you’d like me to write about in the series.


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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