Interior design trends might come around quickly. If you are starting to decorate your home for the first time trends can help set the tone. But if you already have a decorated home there are a few things you can do in your home to keep it in style.  

I’ve listed some of my current favourite trends with tips to make them happen at home below. 


Being eco-friendly and more aware of our purchasing decisions have been front of mind for the past few years. That comes with recycling and up-cycling comes as a by-product of this trend. Adding some vintage statement pieces will be an easy way to jump on this trend. My tip is to go for exposed woods or metal frames. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Cottagecore and country 

This is probably one of my favourite trends. I love modern and sleek but a homely home to me calls for some cottagecore/country inspo. 

If you are looking to do jump on this trend start with soft furnishings, such as pillow prints or lovely printed beddings.  

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Bringing the outside in

We’ve all spent more time indoors lately than we ever expected, so a lot of us have been bringing the outside in. Bring this vision to life through house plants and earthy tones. Go for long-lasting plants that require low maintenance such as snake or spider plants. Terracotta tones are so much fun and easy to style. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Home office as a focus 

With Covid, we’ve all had to make do with what we have at home. But with WFH and flexible work become more and more popular we owe it to ourselves to up our home office game. 

I advise going for grounded colours for focus, statement art for inspiration and a sturdy desk with a comfy chair. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

What is your favourite trend at the moment? 

Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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