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Life is returning to somewhat of normality here in the UK. After a long winter of lockdown, we are finally allowed to hug loved ones, have celebrations and dine indoors. I’ve been impatiently waiting for the latter, as it is a key component of my social life. 

Sitting at a well-decorated restaurant, with a glass of wine across from friends or family chatting about the day to day ventures of our lives is one of my most favourite activities. During the lockdown, I wasn’t able to enjoy this as much. Safe to say I’m eager to get back out there and go to old-time favourites as well as new restaurants. 

Below I compiled a list of all the restaurants I’m excited to go try (as well as some menu teasers) in Southampton.

The Real Greek

I’ve been meaning to try The Real Greek in Southampton since before the lockdown. I’ve only been there once, for a slice of watermelon during a summer heatwave. The atmosphere is very summary and it is one of those restaurants you want to visit on a sunny day for lunch or after a hot summer’s day for dinner. From their current menu I would try the spicy feta dip, tzatziki and humous, the jackfruit stifado also sounds delicious, Tonia’s prawns and top it off with a lamb skewer! And I must say their wraps look so good for a nice lunch in the sun. 

Photo credit: The Real Greek

7 Bone

7 Bone has been around Southampton for a while, and somehow I haven’t been there yet for a burger. We always tend to do for Asian or eastern European restaurants when eating, mostly because the food isn’t as easy to replicate at home. But that’s not to say we don’t also appreciate a good burger every once in a while. My top two options from their current menu would be the ‘Ronald’s revenge’ or ‘patty melt’ but they also have a vegan menu which sounds to die for – I’ll take a ‘sloppy mo’, please! 


Italian is yet another cuisine I don’t tend to choose when eating out. Mostly because I’m very lucky in my boyfriend being a terrific home-chef especially with Italian pastas or pizzas. Although Bacaro is a staple in Southampton. Many of my friends brag about the delicious dinners they’ve indulged here and I must say… I’m jealous! All of their fish and meat dishes look stunning but my mouth is already watering at the thought of their scallops with pancetta.

Photo credit: Bacaro

Platform Tavern

Ahhh the joys of a proper pub with proper food…. The Platform Tavern, mostly known for its ties to the Titanic, takes all that to the next level. I have ventured here for drinks and live music in the past, The Platform is one of those pubs with so much character you don’t easily forget… and their menu has all the comfort food you need. The Sunday roast is definitely on my list to try. 

The Oxford Brasserie 

One of the things I most enjoy about going for a nice meal is to try foods I simply wouldn’t be able to whip up at home. The Oxford Brasserie‘s slow-cooked crispy pork belly ticks those boxes. I’ve tried many times to cook pork belly at home and not once has it been as successful as I expected. I’m making it my mission to go try this delicious dish out very soon! 

Restaurants in Southampton | A Local Guide by Premier Inn
Photo Credit: Oxford Brasserie

Have you tried any of these? Comment below your favourite restaurant.

Look out for a follow-up post with my all-time favourite restaurants in Southampton.


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