If you are reading this, you’ve probably thought about starting your own blog a few times but might be unsure where to start. I’ve collated some steps I use when I write my own posts that can help you get started. 

Think about what you’ll be posting 

This might seem like an obvious stage… but it can be overwhelming. Start by listing out a few things you enjoy doing and talking about. Then explore the content you enjoy consuming is it fashion? interior design? food? travel? Lastly are there any skills you have that people would come to you for advice on? 

For example, my friends and family tend to ask me for advice on marketing or decorating, I also enjoy consuming this content so it is easier to write about it. 

At this time you might have a list of topics you are interested in, it doesn’t really matter how many you’ve got or what each post will look like at this time. This is just a starting point.

Look for inspiration

Whether you are writing your next post or setting up your blog all together look for some inspiration. There are a few key things you should research at this stage: who is your ideal audience and why they’ll benefit from your content; other content creators in your space – look at what their content looks like, is it their own pov, how to’s, lists?

Write all this down as it will be useful when you get to write content.

Plan your content

There are many ways to plan content. One of my favourites is using Trello. I write each post idea down as a card and assign it a date and then using the calendar view I distribute it with realistic deadlines. 

One of the easiest ways of doing this is to use a google calendar or calendar on your computer and add events when you want to post content. Then change these to rough content outlines (these don’t need to be the actual titles) e.g easter post; valentines day; DIY idea for the living room. 

Use the description to start plotting down some talking points and research links. Once this is done you can more easily move on to the writing stage. 

Learn the right skills 

You might already be a skilled writer or maybe have a background in marketing. But running your own blog involves a lot more than that. It is always a good idea to keep learning new skills to help you write the best content. I recommend brushing up your skills on writing for blogs, editing content, SEO, researching, influencer marketing, working with brands and products. 

Don’t wait for perfection

This is potentially the best tip I can give you, in other words, I’m saying ‘just do it’. A lot of the time we put off sharing posts or content because we are editing it to death. My best advice is to trust yourself and your skills. Once you’ve written the content and revised it once, not much will come from a 3rd, 4th or event 10th review. Take it as it is and hit publish (or schedule). Your content will most likely resonate with your audience and you can learn from it for your next post – rather than trying to hit perfection everything. 

Best of luck in starting your blog! Comment your URLs below as I would love to check them out. 

Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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