You’ve just posted your best blog post to date, or an amazing Youtube video that took you forever to edit, or even an Instagram post with a bespoke filter that was edited to perfection … But the engagement isn’t quite what you expected? 

I get it. There is no worst feeling than having worked so hard for a piece of content and it not performing as well as you’d expected. 

Promoting your content can either be a dreadful task or really fun. The difference is whether you are forcing yourself to share it in platforms you don’t enjoy or in your favourite apps. You can share your content pretty much everywhere! Online or offline there are endless ways of promoting yourself, your content and your work, so you might as well pick a platform you enjoy. Here are some examples of both (and some ideas for new channels to explore):

  • Your own social media profiles (TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram,…)
  • Pinterest and Bloglovin (or other platforms that allow searches)
  • Social media groups (blogger groups for example)
  • Guest posts
  • Mailing lists
  • Cross-pollination (for example collaborations with other influencers)
  • Paid advertising on Google, other websites or social channels
  • Flyers, business cards or posters (if you fancy it)
  • Organise events or workshops
  • And many, many more! 

So choose your priority channels wisely, I would advise mastering 1 channel at a time and picking up to 3-4 channels you naturally gravitate towards. For example, at the moment I’m having the most fun on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok so I’m focusing most of my energy on them. But if you are a natural public speaker consider promoting yourself at networking events or organise workshops. Just think if you are in a room talking to 50 people all of them are potential new followers, so give them a reason to go and follow you. Even when you are doing paid advertisement every person you reach has value. So keep that in mind no matter where you decide to promote your content. 

Where do you promote your content at the moment?


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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