A couple of weeks ago I shared a blog post all about the Instagram algorithms. How they work and the best ways to use them to your advantage. Today I wanted to explore 3 tools in the Instagram app that can be used in your marketing strategy with low effort. 


Reels is the hottest of tools at the moment. It is super easy and fun to use and you should be taking advantage of it. Because it is so new Instagram is encouraging everyone to use it by using a discovery algorithm that massively increases your reach. I’ve seen some of my videos reach 4x the audience I currently have – which is insane for Instagram. 

As an experimental goal, I advise you to create 5 reels per week (if you can’t do 5 do as many as you can, even 1 per week can bring your content to a brand new audience). 

I would focus my efforts on 3 types of content (max) and reframe the same content in different lengths, edits, audios, TOVs and analyse what format is performing better. 

It will then be a rinse and repeat process until you find your groove and can start expanding on the content. 


Stories are perhaps the best tool on Instagram to engage with your community. This is your chance to play to the algorithm and create a bond with your community. 

Post regularly on stories and focus on personal/intimate content. On stories you want to be adding the question box sticker, doing polls and Q&As. If you do a Q&A related to your business for example “Do you understand how the algorithm works?” And 90% say no, go through the ‘nos’ and send them a link to your blog or helpful content. 

Use these stickers and conversation starters not just as another post. 

Lives & IGTV

Lives are easy content. Set yourself up in an appropriate background for your audience. If you have a studio, use it, if you are a lifestyle/beauty influencer maybe it’s your vanity as you are getting ready. 

You can prepare a topic or ask the audience to submit questions beforehand. Then turn on your camera and talk to your audience. Once you are done share this content to your IGTV. 

Have you been using any of these tools on Instagram? 


Posted by:Carolina Filipe

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