Hi, welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I’m Carolina, a digital and content marketer. 

I have been working in marketing for over 4 years with extensive knowledge of social media and digital channels. I’ve worked both agency and client-side. I’ve worked with big and small businesses delivering key campaigns for them to help them achieve their business goals. I have a particular interest in start-ups and SMEs as their passion for their business or product is unbeatable. If you are a small business looking for marketing advice I’ve got the column for you. 

I aim to help you market your business and achieve your goals. 

If you need professional help with your marketing or content strategy drop me a note or check out my freelance services page

Recently I discovered my interest in the crypto space, I find these technologies fascinating and their purposes meaningful. I am currently exploring this space further to report back here with helpful advice on Marketing for Crypto. 

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”
— Chinese Proverb

A bit more about me … 

I’m an explorer, adventurer, coffee junkie and wine lover. I love to immerse myself in nature and challenging my comfort in it. I’m my happiest outdoors, whilst exploring a new place or enduring a new challenge. I love travelling and draw a lot of inspiration from my adventures.  

I’m Portuguese and moved to England when I was only 18 years old for perhaps the biggest adventure of my life so far. 

On my blog, you’ll find stories from my travels and marketing advice for SMEs and Crypto businesses. As well as, interior design inspiration and some of my latest projects.

Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin to not miss a post or Instagram for other updates.


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