About Me

Hi, welcome to my blog!

I’m Carolina, an explorer, adventurer, coffee junkie and wine lover. I love to immerse myself in nature and challenging my comfort in it. From hiking longer paths to paddling in stronger waves, to climbing taller rocks to travelling further. I’ve been finding peace in the unknown and in the unexpected. I’m my happiest outdoors, whilst exploring a new place or enduring a new challenge. I’m a(n amateur) rock climber and yogi.  

I’m Portuguese and moved to England when I was only 18 years old for perhaps the biggest adventure of my life so far. I attended university in Southampton and in 2017 I graduated from Solent University with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotion and communication. Now I work in Marketing, PR and Social Media, and have been discovering the 9-5 lifestyle and adapting to the adult world.

On my blog, you’ll find stories from my adventures, travels and life discoveries. As well as, any current trends, reviews or other guides that I would like to share with you.

Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin to not miss a post or Instagram for other updates.

For any enquiries, or if you’d like to have a chat, please email me at anilorac.filipe@gmail.com. 



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