What I wear Climbing: indoors vs outdoors

First time climbing indoors or outdoors? I got you, here's what I wear for my climbing sessions.

What I’ll be Doing After the Lockdown Is Over

Coping with the lockdown hasn't been as easy as I thought. When it all started I had set myself goals and I must say I was achieving them. Until I didn't. It has been quite a bit of a roller coaster being locked inside. Expect for the lack of excitement. The ups and downs have been very real and hard to deal with too.

Climbing for Beginners: What I wished I’d Known

Hi everyone! How are you all doing during the lockdown?  Today I thought I would share a post answering some questions I had and get a lot when I take people climbing for the first time. Before the lockdown, I noticed that lots of people trying out indoor climbing for the first time and its…