Autumn Fall 2020 trends

2020 Autumn Trends I’ll be Trying

Autumn is my favourite fashion season, the colours are beautiful and the style sophisticated. Here are the top 5 fashion trends everyone will be wearing this autumn.

What I’ll be Doing After the Lockdown Is Over

Coping with the lockdown hasn't been as easy as I thought. When it all started I had set myself goals and I must say I was achieving them. Until I didn't. It has been quite a bit of a roller coaster being locked inside. Expect for the lack of excitement. The ups and downs have been very real and hard to deal with too.

Vogue Writing Contest | University Project

Unit: Fashion Media Brief: Vogue introduced their Talent Contest aiming at future fashion writers and editors. Launched more than 60 years ago the Vogue’s Talent Contest, for Young Writers is one of the most prestigious writing awards. (Vogue, 2015) This contest encourages young talents to get outside their comfort zone and create hypothetical content for a future Vogue…

Benetton Marketing Report | University Project

Unit: Fashion Marketing and Brand Communication Brief: This project consisted of the planning a strategic marketing proposal for a brand. Including on the final report the brand's past and current situation as well as my future plan for it. I choose Benetton as the brand was a success back in the 1980's and 1990's and it…