What I wear Climbing: indoors vs outdoors

First time climbing indoors or outdoors? I got you, here's what I wear for my climbing sessions.

Reminiscing to the Beginning of Summer

I've been reminiscing to the start of summer whilst editing some old footage of days out bouldering with my boyfriend. I love autumn and can't wait for the cosy nights and super cute outfits but these were amazing days out by the sea and it's one of my favourite things about summer. Tag along on…

What I’ll be Doing After the Lockdown Is Over

Coping with the lockdown hasn't been as easy as I thought. When it all started I had set myself goals and I must say I was achieving them. Until I didn't. It has been quite a bit of a roller coaster being locked inside. Expect for the lack of excitement. The ups and downs have been very real and hard to deal with too.

Climbing for Beginners: What I wished I’d Known

Hi everyone! How are you all doing during the lockdown?  Today I thought I would share a post answering some questions I had and get a lot when I take people climbing for the first time. Before the lockdown, I noticed that lots of people trying out indoor climbing for the first time and its…