How to stay productive to do list

What helps me stay productive

During lockdown (and now quarantine) staying productive has been very challenging for me. I have struggled to find motivation and meet personal goals due to lack of energy and to be honest, I still do. But that's okay. What I've come to learn with all the tips below is that: it's okay to not feel…

What I’ll be Doing After the Lockdown Is Over

Coping with the lockdown hasn't been as easy as I thought. When it all started I had set myself goals and I must say I was achieving them. Until I didn't. It has been quite a bit of a roller coaster being locked inside. Expect for the lack of excitement. The ups and downs have been very real and hard to deal with too.

Bank Holiday Weekend During Lockdown – What will I Be Doing

Lockdown is very much still here, which unfortunately means the Early May Bank Holiday weekend will be spent at home. Usually, for a bank holiday, I would be now writing my detailed itinerary for a sunny weekend away. But with being on lockdown and unable to leave my house for more than the daily exercise walk I thought I would share with you my stay-at-home-cation itinerary for some inspiration.